October Employee of the Month
Marshall Thompson

marshall thompson

Congrats Marshall Thompson! Marshall is our October Employee of the Month. Marshall Takes great pride in his work and is always willing to go the extra step. Marshall to take care of any of your wildlife control or Animal removal needs. Marshall has been with Centurian Wildlife now for 3 months and in this time he has risen and stepped up to the challange! Marshall has a strong background in Wildlife and Animals, Brendan Met Marshall at the Brevard Zoo. Marshall was the Zoo Keeper in charge of shuveling and picking up the elephant and rhino poop and making sure all the stalls were always clean. Marshall showed great work ethic and character and this is why we are so pleased to have him here on Staff. Marshall and Anthony are best freinds even though after only 3 months Marshall can clearly do Anthony's Job as scheduler and Admin better, Marshall takes the humble approach and works with Anthony Teaching and Training him how to do his job. Marshall is amazing with our customers, Marshall is so used to being around animal poop he can identify your issue ASAP. Marshall has a unique skill of Feces Tasting for Identification. Marshall will go into your attic, sample the feces that may be in the insulation and immidatly know what type of animal infestation you may have. Marshall we are so glad to have you on staff and award you October Employee of the month!!