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Hello my name is Brendan Mangnitz, I have been in the Wildlife Removal industry now for nearly six years since I graduated UF with a background in Entomology and Wildlife Biology. I have observed and controlled just about all animal issues you may think of. We have dealt with Armadillos in homes and apartments, Armadillos in the Attic, Armadillos in yards, Armadillos within Pools, Armadillos stuck inside Chimneys, and the list continues on. I have used several different removal methods for Armadillos and that’s what I will share with you guys on our web site.

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The moment it is confirmed that all typically the Armadillos are gone, trapped, as well as removed, the next step in How to Trap Armadillos is going to be an Shunning. An exclusion is in which seal up the Garden from from any of the openings, damage or easy access points that the Armadillo as well as other animals have used to reach your Lawn and Garden. This is deep into the handyman side of things. Or else good at handyman or development work you may want to give me a new call, Brendan Mangnitz, i can go out there with my very own exclusion crew and take care of often the Armadillo damage for you. In order to try it, then keep reading and also good luck! You want to use only the most beneficial materials anytime you are dealing with Armadillos. They are strong and competitive, and very determined. The foam they will sell at the hardware store, is definitely 100% GARBAGE. Armadillos can certainly chew right through this, that just makes them laugh. You intend to use only Steal, Metal, along with Concrete products. Identify every one of the areas on the Garden that contain gaps or openings. The next thing you want to seal off these kind of areas ensuring that future pets or animals cannot get into the design. Take your time and do a good employment closing off your Garden from Armadillos, exclusion work in addition to filling in the burrows having concrete is how you can make sure that you will not have a future problem with Armadillos!