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Hello my name is Brendan Mangnitz, I have been in the Wildlife Removal industry now for nearly six years since I graduated UF with a background in Entomology and Wildlife Biology. I have observed and controlled just about all animal issues you may think of. We have dealt with Armadillos in homes and apartments, Armadillos in the Attic, Armadillos in yards, Armadillos within Pools, Armadillos stuck inside Chimneys, and the list continues on. I have used several different removal methods for Armadillos and that’s what I will share with you guys on our web site.

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You then will want to make sure that you properly the lure the trap. There are several several baits you can uses. Although honestly armadillos are essentially blind, and their food reference is generally insects like light grubs. So what I recommend accomplishing is setting the mistake near the areas of activity in addition to building a funnel system having screening to direct the particular armadillo directly into the snare. You can also set the capture directly into the burrow so in order for the armadillo to help leave the burrow he / she walks directly into the pitfall. Here is what I generally complete for Armadillo trapping: Armadillo Trapping Techniques. *Note- Oftentimes Armadillos are smart ample to avoid the traps not having setting it off. They will flip the traps. In the event you run into this, there are a few stunts you can use to fool these people. Stake the traps decrease in the ground with Rebar stakes. It will prevent these individuals from being able to flip typically the trap. Dig the mistake into the dirt and pack around it to avoid often the trap from moving. Live Arctic fox Trapping and removal might take some time. I generally provide a total of 2-4 2 or 3 weeks trapping from start to finish until finally I catch all the Armadillos. Normally Armadillos travel with pairs or groups, consequently even if you catch just one Hartebeest I would recommend keeping the Armadillo draws in out there for an extended stretch of time. Be patient, give it time and would not mess with the traps. Allow bait sit there stay and try to catch the Buffalo wolf. Bait will normally be good for about 72 a long time depending on weather conditions. Once it can be caught, you will need to relocate your personal armadillo.